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  • Yvonne Shittu

Is Anaplan a CRM?

Anaplan is an Enterprise Performance Management software, owned by Thoma Bravo. It originated from England, then was later sold to an American company. Anaplan is not a customer relationship management software (CRM). Instead, it is a cloud-based financial planning and Analysis software. As of now, Anaplan is a leader in financial planning and analysis software.

Is Anaplan Better than Excel?

Yes, Anaplan is better than Excel in many ways. Automation is better in Anaplan because you must build a datahub model (single source of truth) by importing data from google sheets, CSV, Accounting systems, etc into the datahub. Also, the security in Anaplan is exceptional. Furthermore, once you create a formula once, you can reference it many times and all the modules that affect the calculations are updated in real time.

Is Anaplan a Project Management Tool?

No, it is not for the most part. However, you can download a project management app from the Anaplan website and customize it to your business needs.

How do I get Certified as an Anaplan Model Builder?

  1. Go to community and register to create an account -

  2. Request a free 90 day workspace access : applications will be open on 12/13/2022 -

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